We know payroll!

Labour makes up the largest cost to any business!

Is your payroll a bit of a nightmare?

Any business wants to pay their staff exactly what they are entitled to but with all the different employment legislation it can become a nightmare.

You cannot take it for granted that your payroll software is compliant with the Act—and remember that your business wears the cost if it is not!

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“The organisations that excel will be those that discover how to tap their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at every level in the company.”

— Senge


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DJA are proud members of the New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association (NZPPA) for more details on NZPPA click here or go to www.nzppa.co.nz

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David Jenkins & Associates Ltd

David Jenkins & Associates is a network of HR contract professionals with proven business skills who are focused on providing solutions to real business problems.  We can provide experts in Human resources, Employee Relations, Training and Development, Payroll and HRIS.
We provide plain language, no nonsense practical workplace solutions that are based on decades of experience.

We know business because we are in business. 

Benefits of DJA

Key Features of a Learning Organisation

Definition of a Learning Organisation

“A learning organisation focuses on an enhanced capability to learn and uses that knowledge to adapt, thus maintaining a competitive advantage.”

— David Jenkins 2003

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Do you want to make the right
recruitment decision first time?

Getting the employee wrong can cost up to SIX TIMES that person’s annual pay!

We've developed a valuable publication that guides you through the process of getting new staff:

Best Person, Best Fit

This practical manual is packed with resources, including:

 Forms    Sample letters    Job design    Legislative requirements    Writing a winning job ad    Interview process    Employment agreements    Induction basics

Over 100 pages and bound so it lies flat, it's a complete recruitment and selection resource in plain language.

Buy “Best Person, Best Fit” and get FREE:
CD with templates
12 months’ email support

SEE THE DETAILS and find out how to order.

ONLY $75
inc. GST and P&P!

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eHR provides information on how to get your workplace working through practical insights, tools and processes to make HR work for the business

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The New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association (NZPPA) was formed in 2007 to develop and gain recognition for payroll professionals.

ePayroll includes the latest information on changes that will impact of payroll, along with useful tips and references, this is an invaluable resource for FREE,

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